The Rafting Camp

Village Sinthali, Badrinath Highway Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.
Email : raftingcamp@hoteljini.in Tel : +91 9990 70 6100
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Facts about Rafting - The Rafting Camp, Rishikesh


  • How Safe Is White Water Rafting?
  • Do We Have To Know How To Swim?
  • What Are The Minimum And Maximum Age Limits?
  • Minimum no. of people Required to make a trip?
  • Is Prior Rafting Experience Necessary?
  • What About A Customized Trip For Us?
  • What Do I Need To Carry For A Rafting Trip?
  • Can Children Do River Rafting?
  • Does cell phone work there?
  • Is there Electricity in the camps?

How safe is white water rafting?
Whitewater river rafting is so exciting a sport that the risks involved in it are worth taking. At escapade we do everything to minimize the risk element and to maximize the fun and excitement. Safety is of utmost importance for us and before every trip we have a safety orientation and outfit you with a life jacket that keeps you afloat even in rough water and helmet that saves you from getting any head injury.

Our guides raft year round, and have all run class II to class V water and are experts at not only running the river, but at making your day trip or camping expedition a memorable event.

Do we have to know how to swim?
One can’t swim in rough white water and as you are wearing a life jacket all the time on the river and are designed to float you face up, you do not to know swimming to go river rafting! The guides instruct you before the trip on what to do in the small chance (more likely on higher grade adventure trips) of you falling in the river.

What are the minimum and maximum age limits?
With more than 11 different trip options for people ages 8-60, you are sure to find the trip that is right for you. All trips have recommended age limits. These age limits do fluctuate depending on the water level.

Minimum number of people required to make a trip?
No minimum limit is there and you can join as single person and we will put you up with other singles or doubles to make a group and enjoy the fun and excitement of this wonderful sport.

Is prior rafting experience necessary?
Ganga is one of the ideal and safest rivers for white water rafting for beginners. No prior experience is required at all to make a trip. As it is said, you have to do it first time to make a beginning and then once you have done we assure you will become an addict.

What about a customized trip for us?
We try to be as flexible as possible with our groups. All you have to do is call up our office and pass on details of your requirements. Accordingly we will offer you a all the available options with the desired changes to suite you.

What do I need to carry for a rafting trip?
You need to bring shorts, swim suit, cap, t-shirt, keds, sneakers, beach sandals, windcheater, sun block, sun shades, flashlight, and a dry set of clothers for your ride home. Prepare to have everything that you wear to get wet. Also please do not bring valuable items (i.e. Expensive clothes or shoes, jewelry, non-waterproof cameras or other items) on the raft.

Can children do river rafting?
12 years and older children can go along with the adults while the smaller children can do the grade 1 and 2 float trips. Even if the child or for that matter even an adult does not want to try out rafting they can still enjoy the river beach, the camping experience and the other activities.

Does cell phone work there?
There is network coverage for most of the service providers like Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel. There is no tata and reliance networks.

Is there Electricity in the camps?
The electricity in the camp is supplied by a generator. The timings are from sunset till 11 30 PM

Mobile phones and other electric gadgets can be charged during these timings.

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