Woodsvilla Resort Ranikhet

Majkhali, Ranikhet, Uttaranchal, India.
Email : woodvillaranikhet@hoteljini.com Tel : +91 99 11 100 600

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Table tennis
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Video games
Air hockey
Pool Table
River crossing
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Holistinc Living - Woodsvilla Resort in Ranikhet

There are times in our lives when we are all bogged down with work. So caught up in the turmoil of our life that we forget to appreciate the beautiful things around us. Sitting and gazing at the Himalayas. what better place to unwind than here.

Woodsvilla Resort provides you an opportunity to attain equilibrium with the universe. Ayurveda.the mantra of Niramaya.brings you Nature's own pill for rejuvenation and revitalization.

Woodsvilla Resort provides you with the best of treatments such as Udwarthanam: for obesity,

Mukhalepam: for the face, Abhyangam : for enhancing proper blood flow, Pizhichil : for nervous weakness, Dhara: for stress and strain, Njavarakizhi: for emaciation, Vasthi: for proper peristalsis, Sirovasthi: for proper brain functioning, Nasyam: nose cleansing, Snehapanam: for internal oleation, Kizhi: for any type of arthritis and many more.

Woodsvilla Resort prepares the whole chart for you after consulting with the experts so that you can feel great and look good.

Itinerary is personalized according to your needs and wants.

Contact us for personalized itinerary.

Cost: It will be based on the package chosen.

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