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Pilgrimage Paradise - Woodsvilla Resort in Ranikhet

Uttaranchal-God's Abode . The land where Vedas and Shastras were composed and great Indian epic- The Mahabharath- was written. The land has always been the source of inspiration for nature lovers and seekers of peace and spirituality .

  • Jageshwar Temples
    Jageshwar is an attractive place nestled in an enchanting valley. Tall deodar trees covering this valley present a magnificent site.

    78 Km from Ranikhet it is located to the east of Almora. Jageshwar has the only temple of Bhagwan Maha Mrituyaja in India.

    Jageshwar is famous for its religious spots housing numerous temples of Gods and Goddesses and is believed to be the seat of 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. Among these, the Jyotirling Jageshwar, Darukawane, Maha Mrityunjay, Pushti Devi, Kedarnath, Baleshwar, Neeleshwar, Pawansut, Neel Kantheshwar, Surya, Mahisasure Mardini, Navagraha, etc. are worth mentioning.

    These ancient temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are outstanding in their sculptures. A strong Buddhist influence is visible in the exquisitely carved statues and temples.

    Jageshwar also hosts a number of fairs held during Shivaratri in the months of July-August. Thus, this place is not only frequented by pilgrims but is also a paradise for nature lovers.

  • Patal Bhubneshwar Temple
    At an elevation of 1350 mts Patal Bhubneshwar temple is very distinctly beautiful. It is located 180 Km from Ranikhet.

    The way to the temple is through narrow tunnel shaped cave. The main passage further opens up to several small caves. These small caves house the stone carvings of many gods and goddesses. This temple is very highly revered by the religious persons.

    This cave temple is traditionally believed to be the abode of thirty-three crore deities of the Hindu pantheon. We at Woodsvilla arrange special tour packages to these religious places so that you can attain peace of soul.

  • Jhoola Devi
    The temple is dedicated to Goddess Dugra. Jhula Devi Temple is famous for the bells.

    It is said that wishes are granted if one ties a bell in the temple. In the vicinity is Ram Mandir dedicated to Lord Ram.  The temple is situated 7 kms from Woodsvilla Resort.

  • Binsar Mahadev
    Binsar Mahadev is an old temple of Lord Shiva. The ambience of the temple is such that one feels in unison with the power ruling the whole universe.the lord himself.

    In the sanctum of the temple are Lord Ganesh, Har Gauri and Maheshmardini. The idol of Maheshmardini is engraved with texts in 'Nagirilipi', which indicates the association of temple to as back as ninth century.

    The temple built by King Pithu in memory of his father Bindu is also called Bindeshwar temple.  The temple lays 26 kms from Woodsvilla Resort.

  • Kalika Temple

    As the name indicates Kalika temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is famous for it's ambience. People come in huge number to have a glimpse of the temple.

    The temple lays 7 kms from Woodvilla.

Itinerary is personalized according to your needs and wants.

Contact us for personalized itinerary.

Cost: It will be based on the package chosen

Wedding Wonders at 6000 ft.
If you dreamt of getting married amidst silver mountains and golden clouds, Woodsvilla Resort, at Ranikhet is just the place. Woodsvilla Resort makes the most important day of your life an event to cherish forever, a memory to fall in love and an affair extraordinary.

Sample Itinerary

Day One

  1. Arrival at Ranikhet

  2. Traditional / ceremonial welcome with Aarti and folk performances.

  3. A theme party, with traditional cuisine and entertainment in the evening

  4. Followed by a dance party with a DJ in attendance.

Day Two (The wedding Day)

  1. Sight seeing at the local venues including Kalika Temple, Choubatia Gardens

  2. Followed by Lunch of your choice

  3. Wedding ceremony in the evening

  4. The wedding ceremony will be as per the rituals you would like to follow

Day Three (Sight Seeing / Departure)

  1. This would normally be a day at leisure with options of sight seeing, shopping and special lunches.

  2. Local sight seeing: Guided tours, rides, museum visits, historical / religious Shopping visits

  3. Mementoes for guests


Itinerary is personalized according to your needs and wants.

Contact us for personalized itinerary.

Cost: Cost will be based on the package chosen.

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