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After just a few weeks of daily practice of yoga, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my posture. I also feel incredibly stronger in my life. My skin feels smoother and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I also feel incredibly strong for the first time in my life. The various explanations of each posture help keep my interest.
Lalit Kumar New Delhi

I'm 55 years old and had never practice any kind of yoga before. I'm very grateful to all of them, since I started 5 months ago, my life has changed so much, not only do I look a lot better, but I feel great. I lost 16 pound during my first 2 months and since then even though I have not lost that much more weight, I have been loosing inches all over my body. Before I started with Yoga for Everyone, I had a pain in my right knee, slowly the pain went away. Also I had arthritis pain in my hands' joints and my lower back and practically I don't feel it any more. I also developed a lot of strength. I believe Yoga for Evryone should be put in practice by everybody, young and old.
Pankaj Parekh, Mumbai

I would like to thank you for opening up Yoga for Everyone. A couple of my friends recommended me to go and try it out, but I never expected the results during these first two months. I've lost over 20 pounds already, and my energy level has doubled. My core strength has improved tremendously. The practice has also helped me with stress reduction from concentrating on my breathing. When I go to a class after I have lifted weights, the muscle soreness I used to experience is now gone. I look forward to going each night and usually attend 3-4 times a week. The strength I now have helps in all areas of my life. I feel more relaxed and have noticed I am much calmer these days. Thank you.

M K Agarwal, Delhi -

Since starting yoga over 1 year ago the changes in my life have been phenomenal.
I have grown mentally, physically and emotionally stronger. I have met some wonderful and beautiful people who I call my 'spiritual and psychic family'.
I started with chronic lower back pain and neck pain. My neck pain has gone completely and my lower back pain has progressed into a journey of opening up my feminine power.
I strongly recommend Sanskrit YogaPeeth to any person who is willing to improve their life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Shriya Apporva
, Delhi Banglore

Since I began my quickfityoga practice 3˝ months ago I have experienced many benefits. Within the first two months my weight reduced by 8 kg and my muscles toned up, especially noticeable were my arms, neck and torso. I am sleeping more soundly and longer than I have in years and I approach even the most stressful situations with a greater sense of calm.

I am noticing improvements in my hip joint flexibility and the pain in my lower back is decreasing. I had been tempted to think “I wish that I had started this years ago” but this is definitely a case of “it is never too late to start and certainly better now than never”.

I live hundreds of kilometres away from the studio and while I love to attend classes whenever I can, I really appreciate being able to follow my own practice, and to have Bikram’s Beginning Yoga book for reference. I have set up a special space at home and practice my yoga 4-6 times per week. Wherever possible I adapt my other commitments to fit in my practice and when I am not able to do this I notice that I really miss my yoga.

Before I started my regular yoga practice my body had started to show signs of arthritis and significant decrease in flexibility, and I felt like I really was middle-aged. Now with quickfityoga I am confident that turning 50 in a couple of year’s time will mark a whole new active and highly rewarding phase of my life.
Shweta Tiwari-Rishikesh



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